Norfolk & Waveney Freegle

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Our area

Norfolk and Waveney Freegle covers (unsurprisingly!) the county of Norfolk and the adjoining district of Waveney. To join the service, you must give a postcode falling within these areas (we include a buffer zone to cater for people 'just over the border').

If you live outside this area, we recommend you join your local Freegle group, where you will find more people close to you. Around our borders these include:

If you live further afield, please use Freegle's Group Finder.

Those outside our area, who only want to respond to others' offers and make requests, are free to use a postcode inside our area to register. However, please offer items via your own local Freegle group if you are outside Norfolk & Waveney - it may cause frustration to other Freeglers if your location turns out to be outside the area we cover.