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Alerts are emails the system sends you about new Offers and Requests. You can easily control how much email Freegle sends you.

For Requests, you can opt to receive a daily summary of new requested items. This will only include requests where the other person has said they are willing to travel to the location/s you have set up. Items in all categories are included, because members have told us that requests work well as a 'memory jogger' of all kinds of forgotten items.

For Offers, you can receive a daily summary of new offered items, or you can opt to receive individual emails whenever items are offered. You will only be told about offers within the areas you have specified for your Locations (go back to My Settings to check and change these). You can choose one or more categories of item to receive alerts about - these options become visible once you select either individual or summary Offer Alerts. Click on a category to select or unselect it.

To temporarily suspend all Alerts, for example if you know you won't be checking your messages for a while, use the tickbox at the top. Individual emails from other Freeglers about items you are offering or requesting will still be sent.

What's the difference between an Offer Alert and a Request?

Alerts should be used where you might be interested in items within a general category (e.g. appliances) and want to receive an email about new offers in that category. Your interest will not be shown to people placing matching offers, but you can click on the link in the email to view the newly offered items and decide whether you want to request them.

Requests should be used for specific cases where you are definitely interested in any matching item that comes up (e.g. a fridge). Your request will be shown to anyone making an offer of a matching item - you do not have to do anything more, as the system passes on your request automatically. You can add further details (e.g. an under-counter fridge) to help the other person determine whether their offered item is suitable.