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Miscellaneous Information

General environmental and community links

Green Choices
A guide to greener living - greener alternatives for the everyday choices we make.
David Meddings Design
Gallery of eco furniture and gifts from reclaimed timber. Mail order.
Frugal Genius UK
Information on saving money and reducing your environmental impact.
A news blog devoted to greener and more ethical shopping - organic food, drink, health, beauty, fashion, design, green gadgets, transport, sport, plants, renewables, recycling, books, exhibitions, TV and film.
LETS (Local Exchange Trading System)
Exchanging goods and services without money.
For the Norwich LETS (NORLETS) Scheme see their new web pages or visit the Greenhouse on Bethel Street in Norwich and ask for an application form.
Other LETS schemes  in Norfolk are here.
Lift Share (national)
Find drivers and passengers to share your journey, either regular commutes or one-off trips.
Moon Cup
An environmentally friendly alternative to tampons and towels.

Repairs, spares etc.

Hubbards & Heartsease TV Centre Ltd
8 Aylsham Rd, Norwich, NR3 3HQ - 01603 511770
Instruction Manuals


Norfolk Freegle Cafe
A place for members of all Norfolk Freegle groups to chat, share information and discuss Freegle
Council House Exchanges
We often get people on the Cafe who want to swap their council house - this website helps you find someone to swap with and reaches more people than the Cafe does!
Postcode finder
Norfolk postcode sectors (County Council) e.g. NR1, NR2, etc.: map (relatively large image)
Not sure of the location of a postcode part (e.g. NR4)? Type it in at Google Maps for a general location (less useful in rural areas where postcodes can cover a large area).
Setting up email filters
A common complaint is that there is too much email, or too many Wanted messages. By setting up filters, or rules, for your email program or webmail client, you can divert particular messages into a separate folder (or even the Trash/Deleted folder). This way, they do not clog up your inbox, and you can choose to keep them out of the way until you want to read them. All Freegle messages will have your group's name in their Subject line (e.g. [norfolkfreegle]) so they can be easily separated. Helpful pages for some common email programs/providers:
Setting up filters in Yahoo mail
Setting up filters in Google Mail
Setting up filters in Hotmail
Setting up message rules in Outlook Express
Setting up filters in Eudora
King's Lynn, Hunstanton and Heacham On Line
Community resources for West Norfolk.