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Matching offers to requests

Thanks to the categorisation of items, Freegle will try to match up your offer or request to any relevant items that already exists on the system. For example if you offer a TV, and someone else has requested a TV and is willing to collect from your area, you will be shown their request. This gives you the option to deal with someone immediately, rather than making the message public and then waiting for people to reply.

The map below shows the location of the matching items. Click on View in the list to see full details of another person's offer or request, and to communicate with them about it. In this case, you don't have to Publish as you have already found someone to deal with.

If you don't think the suggested items match exactly enough, or you don't want to deal with them for some reason, just click Publish to make your offer or request visible to all Freeglers as usual.

If you start communicating with someone else but later want to Publish your item to everyone, you can do this from My Freegling.