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We hope we don't need to remind you, but please be polite in your dealings with other members. Remember there are real people behind the nicknames!

Needless to say, messages that badger, harass or threaten people, offer or request money for items, direct people to items for sale on eBay or elsewhere, or are otherwise unacceptable, will not be tolerated. If you receive such messages, please do not respond to them. Instead, contact our volunteer team and let them handle the issue. This way we also know if someone is harassing several people, and can take action.

People who are found to have behaved inappropriately on Freegle will be given a warning - Freegle volunteers reserve the right to end the membership of anyone being given two warnings, and the volunteers' decision is final.

Off-topic messages
We ask all members to stay on topic, whether posting to the website or direct to another member. Do not contact other members about non-Freegle things (e.g. petitions, scam warnings, money-making schemes, sponsorship, "funnies", etc.)  We still have a Café group for chat - all welcome!  
If you have a community event you want to advertise, you can do so via My Freegling.