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Items that can and can't be Freegled

In general, anything that is free of charge, legal to own and pass on to others, and is not a living creature, may be Freegled. Please remember our purpose is to reduce waste, and that Freegle is intended for things that might otherwise be thrown away. Also note that Freegle is for permanently passing items on to others, and not for lending items temporarily.

Some items may not be offered or requested on Norfolk Freegle. In some cases this is due to relevant laws. In other cases Norfolk Freegle has decided that such items are inappropriate for our site. The following items are prohibited:

  • Anything that is not given free of charge.
  • Anything that is not legal to own and for you to pass on to others. In offering an item on Freegle you agree that you are its owner or have the owner’s express permission to offer it.
  • Firearms (including air rifles) and fireworks; knives other than kitchen implements, craft/DIY tools and penknives.
  • Drugs including prescription and pharmacist-supplied medicines for humans and animals. Please take these to a local pharmacy for safe disposal.
  • Live animals.
  • Unauthorised copies of copyrighted material (including, but not limited to, audio and visual recordings, books, and computer software). You may offer the physical items (e.g. “used VHS video tapes”) but not the content (e.g. "recordings of Doctor Who").
  • Asbestos-containing products (because the transport of these items is restricted by law to licensed carriers).
  • Fridges and freezers specifically for scrap (legally you can only take them to a suitable household waste centre or licensed fridge disposal company).
  • Virgin/Virgin Media cable TV boxes - these remain the property of Virgin (i.e. are on loan to the user) so cannot be given away. (Virgin Freeview boxes and broadband routers are purchased by the user and so can be given away. Sky boxes are purchased by the user and so can be given away, but Sky cards remain Sky property and cannot be given away.)

Other considerations

  • Age-restricted items not listed above: to the best of our knowledge, age restrictions apply to the sale of items and not when they are given away. If you wish to give away items which would be age-restricted if sold (including but not limited to alcohol, tobacco, solvents, bladed items, and age-rated films and computer games), Norfolk Freegle’s advice is that you follow the age restriction and pass on items responsibly.
  • Items with safety considerations: some items, particularly protective equipment such as helmets and child car seats, may have unnoticed defects that affect their safety. It is the offerer’s responsibility to describe such items fully and honestly, and it is the recipient’s responsibility to satisfy themselves of the item’s safety before using it.
    Norfolk Freegle does not check any items or guarantee their condition. If in doubt, do not accept the item. We would also remind Freeglers of the need to employ a qualified person to install any gas items, electrical items other than those with simple household plugs, and any stove or burner that needs venting outside.