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Rate a transaction

We now give Freeglers the opportunity to rate their interactions with other members. Ratings can only be given when a member has accepted someone's response to their offer or request (i.e. made a firm commitment to deal with that person).

Most Freegling goes smoothly, and so when an item is passed on (i.e. the offer or request is marked as Completed) we give the opportunity for you to give a public "thank you" to the other person if you wish - these are checked by volunteers and then appear on the front page to show what a great place Freegle is!

In the case that something goes wrong and you are unhappy with the other person's behaviour - perhaps they did not turn up as arranged - then you can rate accordingly. This can be done under two circumstances: if the transaction was completed, or if the transaction was not completed and you withdrew from dealing with the person in question in order to find someone else.

Any member receiving a negative rating has the opportunity to disagree and add a comment in response, and Freegle volunteers will do their best to deal with any disagreements.

When you see an offer, request or response from another Freegler, you will see they have a star rating (out of 5). This relates to their average rating so far. Postive ratings (where you say you were happy with the other person's handling of the transaction) give 100% to the other person. Negative ratings give a lower percentage. We will review the exact percentages given as the system settles in, but the important thing to remember is that if everyone simply behaves with consideration for others, the ratings system is not really needed and we can concentrate on thank yous!