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You said, we did

If you've been Freegling for a while you will be pleased to hear that this site has been designed to take away the many frustrations we all suffered under the old system. Here's an overview of how we took member feedback into account.

What you said: What we did:
It's annoying that you can't post more than one Wanted per week, or are restricted to just one day for Wanteds. This rule was brought in because many people felt that the groups were getting swamped by Wanted messages. Now that you don't have to get every single message by email (see below), we can remove the rule. In fact, we encourage people to make as many requests as they need to, as this helps the system to match up new offers to people who already want the item (see below).
It's annoying and confusing if you live near the boundary between two or three Freegle groups. The new system has no boundaries, except around Norfolk and Waveney as a whole. You decide on your own personal area of interest, centred on your address. All offers and requests can potentially be seen by anyone on the site.
It's difficult to manage the amount of email I get from Freegle. There's so much! The email options are easy to find and use, and give you more control about what emails you receive. It's very simple to turn off emails when you go away, for example.
All the items are lumped together, but I only want to see certain things, e.g. gardening items. Offered items are now placed in categories, making it much easier for people to search and browse for what they want, and not have to wade through things they are not interested in.
It's silly that someone can place a public request for an item shortly after I have offered the same sort of thing. The system matches up offers and requests, using the items' categories. If you offer an item that someone has already made a request for, you'll be asked if you want to offer it straight to them (and vice versa for requests). This will make Freegling much quicker!
So many people forget to post Taken or Received posts, it's hard to tell which Offers and Wanteds are still active. Now you mark an Offer or Request as "completed" when an item has been handed over. Once this has been done, the offer or request won't be shown to anyone else. You can also use the "withdraw" option if you need to remove the listing without anyone having taken the item.
I don't want a Yahoo! email address, and I don't want to give all my personal details when registering. All we ask for is a nickname (to identify you on the system), an existing email address (so we can contact you) and a postcode (so that we can show you items that are nearby). We certainly won't force you to have a new email address!
It's hugely annoying when people don't turn up at the agreed time. This is a tricky one, but we are trying out a feedback system. Whenever you complete a Freegle transaction, or choose to withdraw from one, you have the opportunity to give basic feedback on the other person. Volunteers are on hand to give assistance with any disputes.
I want to say "thank you" on the group but I am not allowed! This rule was brought in to keep the amount of email manageable. This is not a problem on the new system so we offer the chance for people to say an optional public "thank you" after any transaction. It's optional though!
My mum always said "I want never gets"! We have renamed "Wanteds" to "Requests" :)
You can't put a photo of an item in a message. You can now easily include one or more photos with any offer you make.