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About Freegle

The concept behind Freegle is simple. We send too much stuff to landfill, but a lot of our "waste" items are actually perfectly usable. We throw things out because they are a bit tatty, or have gone out of fashion, or are broken in some small (but probably fixable) way, or just because we got a new one. Perhaps the charity shop won't take it, or we can't be bothered with the hassle of trying to sell it. Some of us hoard stuff in our sheds, garages and lofts, waiting for the day when "it'll come in handy". What we need is a way for the items to find a new home.

Freegle is the answer!

How it works

  1. You find something you were going to throw out.
  2. You offer it on Freegle.
  3. People respond to you if they are interested.
  4. You pick a recipient and arrange for them to collect the item.
  5. They take the item away.
  6. You confirm that the item has been passed on. If other people have asked for the item then Freegle lets them know that it is no longer available.

Simple, eh?

Freegle in Norfolk and Waveney

This web site was developed in 2012, with help from our sponsors , to provide Freegling for people living and working in Norfolk and in the Waveney area of Suffolk. People living close to the border with Norfolk are also welcome to use the site. We are part of the Freegle network and people in neighbouring counties will find their local Freegle group at Freegle groups in the East.

You can read about how the site has been developed.

Norfolk Freegle Cafe

The Norfolk Freegle Cafe is a Yahoo group where Freegle users can share information, discuss Freegle or simply chat and get to know each other! Just like a café - except without the food and drink ;) All we ask is that you keep it polite and free of politics, religion, and "adult" topics.