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A great advantage of the new Freegle system is that it lets you specify what is "local" to you - this means no more rigid group boundaries! And you will never be overwhelmed with messages from areas that are too far away from you to be of interest.

You can use postcodes to define one or more locations, and give each one a short name to identify it (for example, "home", "work").

For each location decide whether you want to:

  • offer items from it
  • make requests from it, and if so how far you are willing to travel*
  • see nearby events, and if so within what distance.

* This distance will also be used for Alerts. Distances for requests can still be edited when you make an individual request - for example, you might be willing to travel further for a sofa than for some magazines.

You must provide a postcode for each location so that the system can see where it is.  It is up to you whether or not to provide a street address, directions and landline number - they are only used when you make a firm offer of an item to a specific person, and saving these details with your location just saves you from having to re-enter them next time you use the same location. You will be able to see and edit any saved address details whenever you accept someone's response to your Offer or Request.
We’re very happy for people to use Freegle on behalf of others, e.g. for a friend or relative who doesn’t have internet access. Simply set up a location for "Gran’s house", for example, and you can easily offer items from there. Each time you place an Offer or Request, you can choose which of your locations are relevant.

Note that the details you enter here will only be shown to others when you have picked an individual person to complete an offer or a request. Address details will never be passed to anyone other than the Freeglers you choose to give to or receive from.