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My Active Posts

When you Browse the system, your own items are not displayed - we assume you do not want to respond to Offers and Requests that you have posted! The My Active Posts page lists your posts that are currently active (not yet Completed). The page provides reassurance that your posts have been made successfully and that others can see them.

"Public?" indicates whether other Freeglers can see and reply to the item, for example when Browsing. If the item is not public, the following column explains why. Reasons can include:

  • Not yet published - your Offer or Request was matched to an existing Request or Offer, and you chose to correspond with that person rather than to make your own post public. You can choose to go public by viewing the item from My Freegling; here you will find a button marked "Check for matching Requests and then Publish"
  • Waiting for transfer - you have agreed to deal with another Freegler about this Offer or Request, and the item has not yet been transferred.
  • Waiting for a volunteer to approve - you have added a new Item Type, which needs to be checked. Or it might be waiting to be checked before publication if a previous Offer or Request of yours has been rejected for some reason.
  • You have been asked to amend text and/or images - check your email for a message from a Freegle volunteer giving more details of what needs to be amended. Examples could be if your description is unclear in some way, you have asked for or offered payment, or something in the text or images may cause offence.

The View link shows your Offer or Request as other Freeglers see it.