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Offers and Requests

The format for Offers and Requests is very similar, and details for both are listed below.

Description of item: this is what other Freeglers will see, and it should be short but specific, e.g. "6 dining chairs", "box of mixed books".

Type of item: either enter the general type of item you are offering (e.g. books, fridge, kettle) or click the link to Select From List. This will pop up a page (left) where you can select the type of item you need (you can filter by general category, such as Furniture, to narrow down the list). If your item type is not yet listed, close the list and type it in manually, and it will be checked and added by our volunteer team!

It is important to give items a type so that they are sent out as Alerts to those who are interested, and so the system can match up Offers and Requests where possible.

We have further Help pages about the information requested on subsequent pages: adding a location, adding a photo, and what happens if your item matches someone else's existing Request or Offer.

Further details: include more information here, enough allow someone to make an informed decision about whether to respond to you. For example, the size, colour or make of the item you are offering or requesting. When offering an item, note anything that needs repairing or works in an unexpected way. When requesting an item, note anything that might limit which items are suitable for you such as the size.

(Offers only) Condition: Use the drop-down list to state the general condition of the item - please be honest. (On a later page you can also add a photograph.)

(Offers only) Can be shared: If the item can be split between several people (e.g. a load of topsoil) then tick the box. In this case you will have to manually Withdraw the offer (access it via the My Freegling page) once everything has been given away, to remove it from the system and stop further replies.

(Requests only) Permanent request: if you can accept multiple offers of your item(s) (e.g. firewood, cardboard boxes) then tick this box to ensure the request stays on the system even after you have accepted someone's offer of the item(s). In this case you will have to manually Withdraw the request (access it via the My Freegling page) once you have all you need, to remove it from the system and stop further replies.

A note about selling Freegled items: if you intend to sell on any items you receive (or use them to make something which is then sold on), then you must state this in the Notes when requesting them. If you offer an item and you don’t mind it being sold on, please say so in your message (e.g. ‘suitable for car booters’).

Please do not include the following in your message:

  • Phone numbers or street addresses: these are not necessary in public messages and it is safer to keep control of exactly who you give your details to. This also means you should not give details of an offered item and its location, with the intention that the first person to physically get there can have it. This causes wasted journeys and frustration for those who are not first.
  • Goods or services for sale/hire, or any other commercial messages.
  • Requests for, or offers of, payment of any kind for items (whether publicly offered, or offered privately in response to a public request). This includes donations to charity as well as payments to the person offering the item. It is OK to offer to pay for postage or delivery, and to offer delivery in return for fuel costs (as long as delivery is optional for the item recipient).
  • Requests to swap your items for others; just offer what you have and request what you need.
  • Borrowing or lending: simply post a request for the item you'd like. You may get the item offered to you, in which case you can Freegle it again when you are finished with it!
  • Excessive personal information, e.g. about financial, health or family circumstances, unless directly relevant to the item/s you are asking for.
  • Opinions, questions or information - please use our Café.

Some items cannot be Freegled - click here for details.