Norfolk & Waveney Freegle

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Freegle allows unwanted items to be given to people who can make use of them. All items must be given completely free of charge, and must be legal to own and to pass on to others.

As a Freegler you can do two things: offer an item or request an item.

When you Offer an item, the system will immediately check to see if anyone has already asked for something similar. If so, you can see the details and contact them if your item meets their request. If not, you can make your offer public for other Freeglers to see and respond to.

Similarly, when you make a Request, the system checks for existing offers that match. If there are none, you can publish your request to the wider Freegling community. Anyone offering such an item, or browsing the list of open requests, will see your request.

So that you can choose to only see items that are relevant to your own needs, offers and requests are made using Categories of item (e.g. furniture) and locations (postcodes and travel distances). You can Freegle from multiple Locations, e.g. your home and your workplace.

You can also set up Alerts, so the system emails you when items are offered in a category you choose. If you just want to browse, you can see the most recent items offered and requested on the Norfolk Freegle home page, or you can use Browse Items to filter these by category and by distance from your location(s).

More detailed Help information can also be found on most pages, and you can always contact your friendly local volunteer team if you get stuck.

Happy Freegling!