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Browsing, or searching, is just one way to see what’s on the Freegle system at the moment. Remember that you can set up Alerts from My Settings so that you get an email whenever items are offered in the categories you choose. And if you Offer or Request a specific item, the system will check to see if anyone else has something already on the system that matches. Finally, the front page always shows a list of the latest items in your area.

If you do need to carry out a search, use the settings to tell the system what you are looking for:

  • Do you want to search other people’s Offers (i.e. you are looking for something) or other people’s Requests (i.e. you have something to give away)?
  • Are you interested in items from anywhere, or only near your locations ("near" as defined by the distances in My Settings)
  • Do you want to see all items, those in a certain general category (such as Furniture or Bathroom), those of a specific type (such as Dining Table or Bicycle), or items where the description contains a certain word (such as "basket").
  • How old can the matching items be, in terms of when they were put on the system? For example, if you did the same search yesterday, you probably only want to search for items that are New Today.
  • Finally, choose how you want to see the results. If you want to see them marked on a map, you can only see 10 reults per page.

Please remember that a search will not show you your own Offers and Requests! We assume you already know about these :) You can access your own items through My Freegling.