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Edit Email Addresses

The email address you entered when you first registered for Freegle will be shown here. You can add a new address by entering it in the box - note that you will need to confirm any new address by clicking on the link in the activation message that will be sent to it. You should also specify whether you want to use each address to:

  • receive messages (from other Freeglers about items you have offered or requested) 
  • receive Alerts (about new Offers, as set up in My Settings) to your new address
  • log in to Freegle with
  • receive HTML messages (containing images and other features) - if not you will receive plain text messages.

If you have more than one email address set up for your Freegle membership, you can use the relevant buttons to change any of the above settings for any address, and you can also remove addresses you no longer want to use.

If one of your email addresses has not yet been activated, please look for the Activation email that we sent you, and follow the instructions to activate that address.  If you haven't received the Activation email, please click on the "Re-send Activation email" button.

If any of your email addresses are bouncing, please contact the volunteer team for assistance.